Workshop Benefits and Support

Benefits and Support you will get after session are as follows,

  • Will share PPT of the session which has about ~80 slides with all discussed strategies including sample trade.

  • Session​​ participants will be added into Jegan's private telegram channel. Here you could get updates about daily market view and his strategy trades.

  • Will help you to get better brokerage firm with additional features of Collateral facility, high leverage and reduced brokerage for Option writing.​​ 
    For more info, click​​ here​​ and reach us @ +91 9962143422.

  • Also, if you want to re-attend session, you can join as many times you want. Need not to pay full fee again. Fee will be only to support infrastructure amenities.​​ 

Please reach us +91 9962143422 for more info.