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                           Duration: 2.00 Hours
                           Agenda: How to Use Sensibull for Option Trading

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Topics to be covered:

  • What are all features Mr.Jegan using on his Option Trades?
  • How to design an Option Strategy using a payoff diagram?
  • How to do adjustments for your Ratio Spreads?
  • How do Mr.Jegan save his expiry position from sudden movement though he has Multiple Strikes?
  • How to use IVR and IVP?
  • How can Greeks be managed?
  • How to track live positions and doing adjustments?
  • How to analyze Option OI?
  • How to initiate a trade from Sensibull by setting an alert?
  • How to set an alert on SL and tracking Profit?

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From all participants, ID proof will be collected. A session is not allowed to be recorded in any case.