Training Topics

  • Why Option Selling and its Myths?

  • Market Analysis (FNO)​​ 

  • Option Strategies (Positional/Intraday)

  • Special Strategies for Expiry Day​​ 

  • Market View Vs Strategies with Position size

  • Various Adjustment Methods

  • Margin​​ Management

  • Importance of doing risk defined strategies

  • Risk Management

  • Trading​​ Psychology 


Option Selling

  • Edge in Option Selling

  • Myths about Option Selling

  • Increase return in Option Selling

  • How to avoid overnight risk in Option Selling (Black Swan​​ Event)? ·


Market Analysis

FNO Data Analysis​​ &​​ Volatility Analysis


FNO Data Analysis

Open Interest,​​ Max Pain,​​ Change​​ in OI​​ &​​ Future


Positional Option Strategies

  • Strangle/Straddle with Adjustments

  • Credit Spreads

  • Twisted Sister/Iron Condors

  • Calendar​​ Spreads

  • Butterfly Strategies

  • Chicken Iron Condor

  • Instox Strategy


Intraday Strategies

  • Expiry Day Strategies

  • Difference between short strangle & short straddle in intraday

  • Rules for intraday selling and its rational

  • How to do adjustments for intraday

  • How to increase win ratio?

  • How to decrease Draw-down?

  • What is the position size?

  • How do I maximize the profit without leverage?

Cardinal Method of Adjustments

  • For Positional Trading

  • Time to enter/exit

  • Greek values

  • Recommendations for Beginners to start

  • Adjustments​​ trades for all strategies



  • Strategy vs View

  • IV vs View

  • What premium should be targeted?

  • Position Sizing for each strategy


Portfolio and Risk management

  • How to diversify your portfolio and reduce risk?

  • How do I keep​​ Stop Loss for my portfolio for my delta hedging?

  • Various Trading Psychology Methods (Reset, Blueprint, Volume Handling, Handling Fear and Greed)


What will be the additional benefits I get after this training?

  • Yes, you would be added to ITJEGAN’s Telegram​​ Channel​​ where you can​​ get regular updates. You can ask question,​​ via​​ Phone/Email/WhatsApp/Telegram​​ 

  • Will give a handout copy of PPT slides with example and worksheet.

  • A bunch of Books list related to FNO that I went through, will be shared.

  • Good support to you over Phone/Email/WhatsApp/Telegram for all clarification.

  • Can help you find appropriate broker where you can get maximum benefits in terms of

    • Brokerage,​​ 

    • Collateral margin with Equities/Mutual Funds/Liquid Funds

    • FD Collaterals.

    • Algo Trading Platform

    • Will help you to find appropriate system that suites your capital and risk appetite.

    • Regular update to you in Telegram Group/Channel about new strategies​​ 


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