Training Topics




Why Options?

Why​​ into​​ options selling?​​ 

Importance of doing risk defined strategies for positional.​​ 

How to avoid overnight risk in Option Selling (Black Swan Event)? ·


Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis​​ for intraday
Momentum​​ trading setup​​ for intraday

FNO Data Analysis

Open Interest​​ Analysis
MAX Pain
Future Position


Different Strategies for positional

Short Strangles/Straddles
Twisted Sister/Iron Condor
Calendar Spreads and its various flavors
Call Ratios

Big Boy Strategies


Intraday Strategies

Short Strangles
Short Straddles
Put Calendar (Expiry and One day before expiry)
One Day before expiry trade
Expiry Trades
Ratio Spreads


Adjustments Methods

How to covert strangles to straddles and vice versa
Converting ratio spread to butterfly
Converting from straddle to Iron-fly
Adjustments trades for all strategies



Strategy vs View
IV vs View
What premium should be targeted?
How much margin can be deployed for each strategy?


Portfolio and Risk management

How to diversify your portfolio and reduce risk
What is notional value? what should I maintain?
How to get rid of Gamma affect and violent move
How do I keep Stop Loss for my portfolio for my delta hedging

Various Trading Psychology Methods (Reset, Blueprint, Volume Handling, Handling Fear and Greed)



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A bunch of PDF Books related to FNO that I went through
Can help you find appropriate broker where you can get maximum benefits in terms of​​ Brokerage, collateral, margin, FD interest rate and Algo System.
Will help you to find appropriate system that suites your capital and risk appetite.
Regular update to you in Telegram group and Channel about new strategies if found.