Subway Surfer Game Vs Expiry Trading (How to play subway surfer game to get used to my expiry trading?) -> Here you go


Subway Surfer Game

Expiry Trading


Keep distance from usual obstacles

Sell CE and PE far OTM


Use skating/howard​​ board to save from hit

Book profit in expiry if you have decent profit


Purpose is too longer, not to collect coins. Take the coins which are in your way. Never try to attempt the coins which is not in your way (Obstacle may not be visible here)

Try to capture only time decay and never show your intelligence, speed and power to capture the coins


Though there is no obstacle, stay in the middle so that you can escape easily if it comes. If not, it is tough to escape

Make sure that you stay away from spot in both side


Pause the game often so that you would not feel that you are fighting with the same

Reduce the volume by half after lunch so that MTM will not disturb you


When you resume the same, you need to start like fresh game

After lunch, you need to trade like fresh expiry trading


Very important point-> Try to resist to look at how many coins you have collected so far. It creates impulsive behaviour to satisfy you or play aggressively

Do not look at MTM as long as you are in safe distance


Last but not least. Real obstacle will be in the form of power tools (Magnet, Key, Jet and etc). Take the power which comes in your way. Never jump and try to collect where you will lose the game

Purpose of expiry trading is to capture the time decay. Never try to sell any options for higher price which may be far and luring, but there is a reason for higher premium. Never sell those.


Purpose of this game is to play longer, not to collect power​​ and coins

Purpose of expiry trading is to make profit, not to judge the direction


Concentrate safe distance, coins in your own way

Concentrate only less premium on the way. Never do trend following technique here. Speed will collapse you


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