PE OI goes up and aggressive long is seen. PCR increases. Time to create put credit spread with less volume .

Time: 8:35​​ am  ​​ VIX:​​ 16.05 ​​​​ SGX Nifty:​​ ​​ 10784​​ ​​ FII:​​ +55​​ Cr ​​​​ DII:​​ ​​ +202 Cr


Option Data Analysis



Max Pain


Highest OI



Highest Increase in OI








10700 (27%)

10900 (10%)

Banknifty (M)





27000 (28%)

27300 (184%)


Future &​​ Volume Analysis (Nifty & Banknifty stocks)


Long Build Up

Profit Booking

Short Build Up

Short Covering

High Delivery Volumes

Hero, Grasim, GAIL, TechM, Tata Steel


Indusind, TCS, Maruti, Infy, HCL

Finserv, Ultratech, ICICI, RIL



Nifty​​ (Over all FNO Position:​​ slightly bullish)


Global market is up and SGX​​ nifty is bit down

FII is in sell mode

Highest PE is at​​ 10700​​ and highest CE is at 11000.

PEs are added at 10700 and CEs are added at​​ 10900

More number of PEs have been added than CEs

MAX Pain is at 10800 (no change)

PCR is increasing

Net future Position is​​ in long

Time​​ to create put credit spread


Banknifty​​ (Over all FNO Position: Neutral)


ICICI Bank is up and HDFC Bank is up in USA.

Highest PE is at​​ 27000 and Highest CE is at 27500.

PEs are sold​​ at 27000 and CEs are sold at 27300.

More number of PEs​​ have been added than CEs

Max Pain is at 27100 (down by 100 points)

PCR is going up

Net future positions is long

Can do put credit spread


Executed Trades

  • Made intraday profit of 76K


Trading Plan

  • Not planning to trade


Open Positions​​ (No positions)




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