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Topics & Agenda:

  • Intraday & Expiry Strategies
    • Difference between short strangle & short straddle in intraday
    • Rules for intraday selling and its rationals
    • How to do adjustments for intraday
    • How to increase win ratio?
    • How to decrease Draw-down?
    • What is the position size?
    • How do I maximise the profit without leverage
  • Pre-Requisites:
    Min. capital required :  3 Lacs only.
    Basics of Option Knowledge is must.
  • ROI & Draw-Down Expectation:
    Depends on your Position Size,

    • ROI : 2-3% per month (Post all Operational Charges)
    • Draw-Down : 15% (SL one can re-define individually w.r.t own, POP will get change accordingly.)


  1. How many strategies are covered?
    There are two strategies planned in session Agenda.
  2. What is the Probability of Strategies?
    Probability of Profit is 70%
  3. Is it applicable only for Full-Time Traders?
    Part time traders  & Job Doing Peoples also can do this strategy, as it is fully system/rule based with SL.

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