Earning Trade in Biocon – 3.5% ROI Profit in SINGLE Day

1) Conditions

Select good stock first
Make sure that you own BIOCON
Ready to take delivery if BIOCON comes down
Be ready to deliver your Biocon if it rallies heavily
Positional trade & have margin

2) Why Biocon?

Result was on May 14th 2020 after market hours
IVP is higher than 85%
On 14th, Biocon was 335.
Short Straddle at 335 (CE+PE) = 35 = 10% of total value
IV Skew was in upside

3) Earning Strategy (Biocon)

Create Short Strangle Wider than Spot + ATM SS Premium
Biocon Spot = 335 & ATM SS Premium = 35
Ideal CE strike price = 335 + 35 = 370 CE
Ideal PE Strike Price = 335 – 35 = 300 PE
Margin = 2,25,000
I choose 300 PE(5) & 380 CE (5) as IV Skew was in up side

4) Break-even Levels

Break-even for this strategy is from 290 to 390
Through adjustment, breakeven = from 280 to 400
Be ready to buy Biocon if it comes down below 280
Be ready to deliver Biocon if it goes up above 400

5) Biocon Trade Results

6) Profit and Results

BIOCON results was negative and it was down 3%
Had profit 8200 & Margin is 2,25,000
ROI = 3.5% in a day
You can do the same strategy with different stocks

Check Our video for all more detailed info.

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